Friday, June 6, 2008

Munich's Other Market

In truth Munich has many markets, but one of the more prominent ones is the Elizabeth Market in the heart of Schwabing. It is quite intimate and friendly in comparison to the huge Viktualien Market in the center of Munich. You will find your fair share of flowers, fruits, cheeses, and of course wonderful wines (mostly from Italy). The market (and neighboring street) was actually named after empress Elizabeth of Austria, who was the daughter of the duke Max of Joseph in Bavaria and cousin of King Ludwig II. Despite being heavily damaged from bombs during WWII, the market has a history more than 100 years back. One of the things I love about it is how these small market stalls create cozy eating areas – often with only 2 or 3 tables – so you can stop in for lunch and not only pick up the freshest tastes in town, but also have someone prepare it for you right there. Now that’s what I call a market.

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