Friday, June 20, 2008

Local Freshness

Staying on the theme of fruit juices, and their amazing popularity in Germany, you can also find countless open fruit stands throughout the city. They are quite visible throughout the altstadt and along Leopoldplatz, but each neighborhood seems to have its own stands, and you can smell the fresh fruits before you even reach the stand. This is the best way to get fruit and vegetables as you never know when your apples at the store will be imported from New Zealand, or any other place around the world. Germany (and the surrounding countries) have amazing agriculture and produce great fruit and vegetables. So why import?

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Eve in Munich said...

Germany doesn´t have a long produce season because of the climate so they have to import then. And there are many products that don´t thrive here either so they import those too. But they also import things that they have themselves just to have a comparison and a wider selection. Spanish strawberries could possibly taste better? The season in Spain starts earlier too.