Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sleepy Sundays


Well there’s a lovely idea!  Sunday in Bed.  Well it’s actually the name of – no big surprise – a bedding store in the Isarvorstadt neighborhood.  And while spending an entire weekend day in bed may seem far fetched for someone in the US, it’s not out of the question for Europeans.  You see, Sunday’s are different in Europe.  First of all, everything is closed.  Very few stores are open – even in the heart of the city.  So if you want to go grocery shopping, really your only option is a single grocery store at the airport.  I know that because we’ve had times where we didn’t prepare on Saturday, and then we realized we were out of milk or diapers for the kids – those sort of things that just can’t wait til Monday.  Also, you are not allowed to work or make loud noises in many buildings on Sunday.  It’s actually against many building codes.  And finally, Sunday is meant as a day of relaxation, where you will find most people out at a park or beer garden, hanging out with friends.  It may seem strange to Americans, but it happens to be one of those European traditions we hope remains when we return to the US.  Afternoons in the park with friends – wine, bread, cheese and sunshine.

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