Monday, June 28, 2010

Empty Doors & Empty Windows


For all of those in Munich that are mourning a city without the popular Lenbach Haus (pictured here – under construction through 2011) and the ability to view paintings by the famous Blue Riders – we have good news.  The Lenbach Haus has a new exhibition of the Blue Riders in its excess showing hall across the street.  The hall, which is actually located at the Konigsplatz U-bahn entrance, is hosting the show from now until Sept 26.  The show has a broad selection of watercolors, drawings and prints, with many works being showed for the first time.  In addition, the exhibit will have more than 50 works by Wassily Kandinsky, highlighting the amazingly successful final show the Haus put on before closing.  If you want to know art that is specific to Munich, this is it.

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