Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Passion for Driving


Here is something that most Americans don’t understand: Despite the US having a car culture, despite the fact that car making is so engrained in US history, and despite the fact that it is the largest market in the world for car sales (today) – Germans have a whole different standard for cars.  The cars in Germany are engineered for a different purpose – not for getting from one place to another, but for the experience of getting from one place to another.  The cars are made with such precision, that they are more responsive than most Americans can imagine.  And the roads are built to support that passion for driving.  So while it may be un-thinkable to drive 100, 125, or even 150 miles per hour on US roads, it happens every day throughout Germany.  And no where is that passion for driving better illustrated than at BMW World (pictured here).

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