Monday, June 14, 2010

Having a Ball in Germany

Let me start out by saying, I’ve got NOTHING!  Despite everyone in the city talking about the German crushing of Australia in the first game of the World Cup, I’m afraid that I was not at one of the many beer gardens that I could hear from our living room window (so I use some other pic that looks like a ball again) .  I don’t think anyone, even Germans, expected the national team to come out so strong in the tournament.  Germany, generally considered a long shot for the title, sent a strong message to the world that it was ready.  If my information is correct, Germany scored more (non-penalty) goals than both teams combined in the 7 matches before this game – as they beat Australia 4-0.  Having watched the game on TV, it could have easily been 8-0.  Well, i’ll try to catch a bit more of the beer garden celebration over the coming days as we go into the second set of games.  Large screens are set up all around town for the event.

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PepeB said...

Now I regret that I didn't watch the game on TV.