Thursday, June 17, 2010

And Now…Back to the Games


This is the scene in the store-front window of Karstadt shopping center at Marienplatz, and it’s played out in different versions all over Munich, Germany for that matter.  We’ve now been through 20 games, and no team has unleashed the fire-power that Germany has in their 4-0 victory over Australia.  Actually the only other team that has showed any offensive prowess has been Argentina, who started with a 1-0 victory over Nigeria, but then let loose with a 4-1 victory over Korea.  Most other games have been within one goal or even a tie.  So we see the next phase of Germany’s quest tomorrow when they take on Serbia in its second game.  It’s funny, having asked 10 people who the favorites are, they all say you can’t count out Germany.  They always show up, are disciplined and play hard.  We saw that in game one, and tomorrow we see if that continues in game two of the World Cup for Deutschland.

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