Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Heat Wave

IMG_0148 And then…out of no where…the sun struck with vengence.  What a difference a few days make, where temperatures in Munich are hitting close to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. All of a sudden, the city is packed, tourists are flowing on double decker busses with the top down, and everyone flocks to the parks.  I caught this photo early in the morning, before anyone showed up to Luitpold park.  My suggestion is to find a spot in the shade, pick up a beer at the beer garden, and fall asleep resting assured that the Munich we all came to loathe (rainy) will be back later this week.  One of my favorite places to just hang out at a beer garden is the one pictured here, in Luitpold Park (near Olympic Park).  At the old Baumberger Haus, you find a nice beer garden with lovely lounge chairs and a nice park for the kids.  You also find a Mexican & Brazilian restaurant in the bottom of this century old mansion, while outside you can gaze at the richly decorated facade with flower garlands, mussels, and mysterious faces.

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carey said...

richtig? Summer has hit us with a vengeance! Thanks for the suggestion...I will be trying that biergarten soon. Keep cool!