Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Masters in Munich


On a perfect day (meaning the sun has shined for the first time since the Fall) in a perfect setting (outdoor stage at Konigsplatz), for the second straight year they invited the master Guitar player, Eric Clapton to play in Munich.  Then they made it one step better with Steve Winwood.  Here’s a quick pick an hour before the concert as thousands of people waited to enter the concert grounds.  I stopped by around 9 pm to hear a few of Clapton’s hits, and the sound just beyond the grounds was perfect.  I had hoped to continue the enjoyment from a terrace only 100M or so away, but I have to say I was blocked by the fifth floor karaoke party with a mix of some pretty bad singers.  I mean of any night they could have picked, they had to select the night when all the locals were out on their terraces catching the sounds of an outstanding concert?

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