Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Michael Lives on in Munich


Don’t ask me to explain…I really don’t understand it.  Why would there be a shrine to Michael Jackson in the middle of Munich?  Right in front of the Bayerisher Hof, one of the top hotels in Munich, you sill find a statue covered with pictures, candles, and flowers celebrating the life of Michael Jackson.  I’ve looked all over the web, and the much photographed and not explained memorial has been alive and well since the day Michael Jackson died. Not sure how long this shrine will live, as one of the commenters on a photo blog said he’s absolutely sick of all the rubbish surrounding the statue, so if you see it all missing some day – you know who to blame/thank.

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Emily said...

I saw the same thing and couldn't figure it out - until I read this: http://www.thelocal.de/society/20100409-26447.html

Definitely strange.