Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blurring Lines that Were Black & White

2010-03-28 2010-03-28 001 003You may be witnessing one of the few occasions where lines in Germany have turned a shade of grey.  You know the context, certain lines should not be crossed in Germany, under just about any circumstances.  We’ve had neighbors bring our bag of trash to the door and tell us what we did wrong, and we’ve had recycling left week after week because cardboard wasn’t flattened or because it was pulled together in a sac.  But if you really, really want the garbage or recycling crews to make an exception, perhaps you just need to give them some incentive. Four bottles of Tegernseer Helles.  Yeah…that might do the trick.


PepeB said...

And ... did it?

Juelle-Ann said...

This brought me a good chuckle as a good ole' s!ix pack will get a lot of "special handling" from our "waste engineers" here in California