Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Topys-Turvy World

Especially when you are the world’s biggest beer garden. Like most beer gardens in Munich, the kids stuff is always nearby – so that both adults and kids can have a play day. I mentioned the rides at Oktoberfest yesterday, as you have more than 70 rides and shows to pick from; and you’re sure to see the rides packed on Tuesdays as it’s family day, and rides are half price. Like every year at Oktoberfest, you will always find a few new rides. One of the new features for 2009 is “The Tower,” which is sort of a big vertical playground inside, as well as great views atop the 28M tower. In the same theme, you will also find the “Silberturm,” a 10M tower which you ride to the top and free fall to the bottom. And finally, you will find Psychedelic, which is, no surprise, a tribute to the hippies, which leads you through a crazy labyrinth. With all those new items, I ended up selecting an “oldie, but a goodie” for today’s photo – the endless slide. I just loved the contrast of the father and son silhouette gliding through the up and down world that is Oktoberfest.

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