Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birds of a Feather, Fly Together

Who says Oktoberfest is all about the beer tents? In addition to the massive 14 beer halls at Oktoberfest (each one has the capacity of up to 5000), you will find an endless variety of rides and amusements – everything from roller coasters to bumper cars, to fun houses. I came across these three young ladies in traditional wear hanging out on some sort of vertical carousel. I stopped by on a weekday afternoon, and loved all the festivities. You find that energy there every day of the week. I mentioned this many times before, but the great thing about Oktoberfest is how excited and passionate the locals get about the celebration. Sure you have 6 million visitors each year, but in Munich you see people in traditional clothes all over town – at work, on the S-bahn, and certainly heading over to the Wiessen. Sunday will be our night at the beer hall, with a table reserved with great friends. I look forward to sharing an insider view with you.


Gunn White said...

This nice photo has got FUN and action!
I like it!

Steffe said...

Never been to the Oktoberfest. 70 000 beer lovers does sound like a lot of people. The girls seem to have a good time despite not enjoying a beer!

Sueso said...

I've been watching by webcam almost every day..curious about the red/pink? shirts and the blue shirts the men wear? Is that certain clubs or just what you prefer of a traditional shirt? Thanks