Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Global Blockbuster

Like most places in Europe, Munich receives its share of Hollywood blockbusters. In fact, more and more often these are coordinated across a global scale. Avatar, this year’s expected Hollywood blockbuster directed by James Cameron, will hit Germany and 31 other countries on or around Dec. 17th. Advertising – in colossal form (this sign is about 50 feet high on the front of the multi-plex movie house at Karlsplatz), has already started three months in advance. In addition to the incredible amount of multi-plex movie houses that have opened up in Munich in the past 15 years, you can still find quaint, single screen movie houses around Munich – especially in the Schwabing neighborhood. Usually they are nestled between apartments on side streets, and really targeted at the neighborhood residents. Unfortunately, much like in the US, these theatres look to also be dying out; so catch a movie in one of these great theatres before they are all gone.

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