Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hofbrau History

The brewery of the Royal Court, Dukes, creation of and monopoly for Weissbeer, Munich’s first beer festival, a home for the Nazi party, total destruction by allied bombing, and reconstruction better than ever before… It’s all part of the amazing history that is the Hofbrau house. What was founded in 1579 by Wilhelm V, the Duke of Bavaria, as a response of the costly import of beer from Einbeck - is now a worldwide phenomenon. Over the past decade, the Hofbrau House has expanded across Germany and the rest of the world. You will now find breweries in Miami, Pittsburgh, Newport, and Las Vegas. Known for inspiring the famous song and the phrase, "oans, zwoa, g'suffa" (bavarian dialect for: "one, two, chug"), the Hofbrau brewery has been a central part of the Octoberfest since its beginnings. Although it’s not my favorite beerhall in Munich ( you can do much better with Lowenbrau, Augustiner) because of the tremendous amount of tourists, you can find tours in English Tuesday through Thursday by appointment only.

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