Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Play it Again, Sam.

I’m not sure what the regulations are for street performers in the Altstadt of Munich, but more and more of these entertainers seem to be showing up around town every day. Perhaps out of work means a lot of free time on their hands. Usually you find jokers, jugglers, and sometimes musicians. I came across this young lady strumming her banjo for a small crowd of onlookers. I’m not sure if it’s a characteristic of being on holiday, that represents having more time on your hands – but it’s amazing what will draw a crowd. It’s not just Munich, but you see them around the world. Silver Man, who is spray painted head-to-toe in silver, the table guy who has his head through the top of the table and surrounded by fruit. And, of course, the real entertainers who play music, act, or otherwise captivate the locals and tourist alike. More power to them.

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Holger said...

There are presently 4 east european classical music students perfoming live near the Odeonsplatz in the Hofgarten. They are outstanding! I got goosebumps the last time I heard them.
Googlemaps coordinates 48.142407,11.578041