Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer’s Fading Moments

Two women get their information fix at the base of the Max-Joseph statue in the platz by the same name in one of the fleeting glimpses of Summer. Max-Joseph Platz is flanked by the Residence, the National Opera House, the Residence strasse, and Maximillian Strasse. It’s one of the many large open spaces in the center of Munich. Apparently, King Max-Joseph didn’t like the design of his statue, which is seated and giving a blessing. He preferred an equestrian pose, but after the king died suddenly in 1825, the first draft of the design was accepted and has been standing there ever since. Max-Joseph was a great opera fan and built the Opera House. The building burnt down shortly after its completion, but was rebuilt with the money raised by taxing – what else – but beer.