Sunday, September 13, 2009

Loosening Up About Sex

No big surprise here. Attitudes toward sex make up one of the more interesting cultural divides between Europe and the US. Europeans tend to have much more liberal views when it comes to sex and their bodies, and it shows all over life here. Even in conservative Bavaria, there’s no shortage of nudity in the parks or at beaches along the rivers. There have also been reports of state sponsored shows and documentaries throughout Europe, that would be considered pornographic in the US. I came across this listing for the top story of the day in the local newspaper: “What women want. The top 20 sex tips.” I didn’t pick up the paper, but I’m sure it had no shortage of graphic photos. In the US, you are more likely to see violence on TV and in magazines than sex. I personally think the Europeans are onto something, and us Americans should lighten up a bit.


headbang8 said...

Hera, hear!

Leif Hagen said...

Na und?! Was waren die Beste Sextips der Zeitshrift?!