Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh Brother, Where art thou?

In Lehel, of course. One of the brothers at St. Anna’s monastic church walks from the church to the Kloisters across the street. The scene seemed just a little out of place, but it turns out the church has a long history within Bavaria, as it was the first Roccoco church in old Bavaria (from it’s pre-1803 boundaries), built in 1727. Like many things in Munich, it was badly damaged during WWII, and the reconstruction was lengthy. However, in the course of the work, the church’s beautiful Roccoco façade, which was concealed since 1853 by a Neo-Romanesque faced built over it, was re-discovered. Although this neighborhood is small, it’s a great side of Munich with the community coming together in front of the church square – with lots of cafes and restaurants that spill out across the sidewalks.

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