Wednesday, April 22, 2009

King Max Overlooks St. Lukas

Maximilian II, who was born in 1662, was known as Max Emanuel and was a Wittlesback ruler of Bavaria. He inherited the seat of power while still a minor and shortly after embarked on a military career. Shown here in this statue at the center of Maximilian strasse, he led the defense of Vienna against the Ottoman Empire, as well as the capture of Belgrade from the Turks. In the background is Munich’s St. Lukas Church, one of the most dominant church images along the Isar river. With its multiple domes overlooking the Isar, it has become a dominant piece of the Munich skyline.


Corregio said...

Wrong Max. ;-) You describe Max Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria ("der Blaue Kurfürst"), but the statue shows King Maximilian II (1811-1864)who also gave his name to Maximilianstrasse.

Troy said...

You are right. Thank you for the catch. The fact that there are two Maximilian II certainly threw me off.