Monday, April 6, 2009

Neo Classic Munich

At one point in the early 20th century, all of Brienner Strasse looked like this, with its neoclassical architecture. The street, one of the original four royal avenues in Munich, runs past some of the most important monuments and best architecture of Munich. It starts at the Munich Residence, and Odeonsplatz on the northern side of the old town. It immediately reaches Wittlesbacher Platz, which is home to the Ludwig Ferdinand Palais. Then past the circular Carolina platz, as well as the famous Brown House, which was the headquarters of the Nazi party. Next up is Konigsplatz and home of the Glyptothek and Classical Museum of Art. The street ends at the beautiful Lowenbrau Beer garden. Given the streets importance to Munich, it’s a bit ironic that the street is named after the Battle of Brienne in which Napoleon defeated the Russian and Prussian forces. I say Ironic because there are fewer examples of German and French forces being aligned today. However, German (and specifically Bavaria) was well aligned with the French at the time, and the street commemorates the contribution Bavaria made in the victory.

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