Thursday, April 9, 2009

BMW Road Warriors

A slick overhead view of one of the roadsters at the BMW Museum. I have written many times about the BMW World, the architectural wonder that hangs over the second ring road. But across the street is the “soup bowl” museum that tracks the company from its founding moments early in the 20th century, to its heavy aircraft production leading up to WWII, to defending a possible take over from Diamler-Benz in the 50s, to the global expansion of the 90s that included the acquisition of the Rover group (later sold again) as well as Rolls Royce. Today, the company successfully markets and sells the Mini brand of cars as well as BMW. The museum is broken into 7 distinct areas: the house of design, the company, motorcycle, technology, motor sport, brand, and series of cars. Next time you are in Munich, be sure to stop by the BMW World (which is free and has all the latest releases), but don’t forget to see where the “ultimate driving machines” came from as well.

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