Monday, April 13, 2009

Munich - Simplified

I really like this photo because it wraps so much of Munich into it. In the foreground you have the beat up Vespa, highlighting Munich’s proximity to Italy and all the wonderful cultural flavors that adds to the Bavarian landscape. Although this bike is a bit beat up (definitely not German), you still get the sense you can hop on and ride from Schwabing café to café. Of course it is chained to a pole with absolutely no shortage of “guidance” (read regulation) about where to and where not to park on this street. Even the No Parking side of the sign has endless detail on when you can and cannot park there. And then finally you have the elegant window frame with a single heart of color sprouting out of the plants. You see scenes like this a lot in Munich’s Haidhausen neighborhood (where this photo was taken). Because of that, it remains one of my favorite neighborhoods of town.

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Eve in Munich said...

Troy, this is also one of my favorite neighborhoods in Munich. And when I came here 1963 I got myself a used Zündap (german equivalent to italien Vespa) to get around town. Great fun. Eve