Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Vote & A Smoke

Tonight we make history. Regardless of which way you vote, our only hope is for change. We have watched half of the Bush reign from Europe, and have been amazed at how the image, stature, and strength of the US has descended in the world. Take any topic you like – the US dollar is at unimaginable lows (even with the latest surge), the approval rate of Bush is 23% which is the lowest of any president of all time, local costs of gas and food are the highest in memory, and the war in Iraq looks to be worse and worse every day. Yes, change would do some good. So if you are an American, I hope you voted. If you aren’t, grab a smoke here, and for that matter a drink (a few of them), and watch the results while hoping for change throughout the night.


angie said...

thanks for posting this interesting poster - sort of looks like a boxing match advertisement. i didn't even recognize the cigarette dispenser at first, it has been a long time since i've seen one.

Chuck Pefley said...

Historic is right! It's about time, on many fronts!!

I had no idea you used to live in Seattle. Small world, eh?

babooshka said...

I watched and you are so rght about history and time for a chnage.

dc said...

Yes, we did!! Vote-- that is. 90+% in my county.

I've volunteered for the local Obama campaign (Fort Collins, Colorado, now a blue state!) since Feb. The energy of fellow volunteers and paid staff has truly amazed me.

We have a guy who we'd never met before from NY city whose been living with us for 5 weeks. He took vacation time to come out and volunteer for the campaign. I'd say he put in 12-15 hour days. Ther are several just like him in our town alone.

President Obama's speech last night was so inspiring and really reached out to all Americans.