Sunday, November 16, 2008

Special Delivery

In words that can only be compared to the birth of a child, BMW buyers cherish “the handover” at the BMW Cathedral – BMW World. “The most wonderful day in your world” as BMW calls it, is when you receive your new BMW on one of 30 individual platforms. I showed you the double cone structure of the building a week ago, and I thought I would show the amazing interior of BMW World. If the photo is not enough, be sure to take a 360 degree tour. BMW suggests scheduling two full days, to explore every corner of the BMW world – the museum, the plant tour, the showroom restaurant and bar, the Premium Lounge...and down to the gallery for “The Big Moment”. I’m told that highway 9 next to the BMW plant goes very quickly to unlimited speed limit for test drives and new car owners. And as they send you off, your personal handler telling you to “Say hello to the road for us.”

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