Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to my Summer Palace

With more than 200 acres of parkland surrounding the Nymphenburg place, the gardens have had an Italian (1671), French and finally English (19th century) appearance. Yet the latest garden architect Friedrich Ludwig Von Sckell left the baroque garden in tact for us to enjoy today. Extending the park grounds are both the long canal, which has become a local favorite for walking or biking, and the garden which regenerates itself every three months. And within the park are a broad number of pavilions, including the Badenburg, which contains banqueting hall and very large tiled bath, the Mgdalenenklause, a faux ruin for retreat and meditation, the Amalienburg, a hunting lodge considered a rocococo masterpiece, and finally the Apollotemple, a neoclassical temble.

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Sharon said...

Wouldn't it be nice?