Monday, November 17, 2008

Fourth Floor Walk Up

Finding an apartment in Munich is one of the more difficult things you may try to do in your lifetime. After several years in a row with more than 50,000 newcomers each year, Munich has finally kicked off several aggressive development projects to change this situation. More than 16,000 new apartments are being built along the S-bahn lines leading west from the central station. Smaller projects are taking place around the city, but they struggle to keep up. The issue is that Munich is a city in high demand, and is constantly ranked Germany’s most livable major city. In addition, international firms continue to set up shops in town, and there is a very strict urban boundary, where one minute you are in a traffic jam and the next you are driving through farmland. The same is true for hotels, by the way. Don’t even think of coming to Munich anywhere near Octoberfest, unless you want to stay in Regensburg, 130 KM to the North. So when I came across this fourth floor walk up (historic building – no elevator), I had to share it as it’s fairly common in central Munich.

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