Friday, November 28, 2008

Downtown Train

Public transportation in Europe is the great Equalizer. In big cities across Europe, it is a detriment to have a car – tough and expensive to park. In Munich, it’s not that bad – yet the public transportation is so reliable and fast, that just about everyone takes it. In most cities in the US, this is not the same. Short of places like New York, Chicago or San Francisco, if someone can afford a car that is the transport of choice. And on most public transit, you have a lesser socio-economic class outside rush hour. I caught this photo late on Friday night on the S-bahn, where you catch a little bit of everything – Kids hanging out, sophisticates going to the theatre, ordinary people going to meet friends, and those out to the party.


Kim said...

This is such a cool shot. I love it when I feel like I'm part of the scene. Gives us curious folks the insiders view, too.
Seattle Daily Photo

Gail's Man said...

The council here are trying everything they can to stop cars coming into the city centre; one way streets, pedestrianization, no entry signs. It's as though they don't want people to visit. And it's no good if you want to buy something big, as it'll be difficult to carry it on the bus.