Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Morning Mr. President

Munich woke up today like any other day in November. The early morning fog blanketed the chilly town. The trains ran on schedule with no hang ups in the wide network of U and S-bahn trains, and the bakeries opened their doors by 6 am to get the day started. But in the offices, on the streets, and in the entry ways of buildings everywhere – people were talking about the American presidential election. Munich went to sleep not knowing who would be the 44th American president, but this felt like a local election with high stakes all around. Obama is amazingly popular in Europe, especially since his trip earlier in the year when he drew crowds of over one hundred thousand in Berlin. Now that Obama has been elected, it seems Europe is celebrating. So the conversation now turns to one big question – is this good for Europe. And I believe it will boil down to two factors for Europe: Can Obama build back up the strong alliances that once existed between the US and Europe, and can he fix what’s wrong with the American Economy – as this has a ripple effect around the world. Yes, Mr President, you have a bit to repair.

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Ken of Mac said...

it won't happen overnight, but Obama has given Americans back our sense of hope..and that is a start.