Sunday, November 2, 2008

Four on the (Fl)oar

Just outside Munich in the suburb of Oberschleissheim is a fascinating rowing facility built for the 1972 Olympic Games. The 2KM long/135M across Olympia Regatta lake creates perfect conditions for rowing, and hosts some of the largest regattas in the world. For the World Rowing Campionships in 2007 in Munich, more than 181M viewers worldwide tuned in for the competition on TV, and more than 62,000 visitors watched from the bleachers, as it established Munich as one of the premier regatta sites in the world. During non-competition days, which are most this time of year, you can find countless crews training. And surrounding the regatta is a 5-KM, well paved, flat trail, providing a gem for joggers, bikers and rollerbladers.

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Sharon said...

Love the photo, great title!