Friday, May 16, 2008

Window Dressing

This off-kilter scene of windows and shutters is from a building facade on Veterinärstrasse, a street no more than 100M, yet one that is a critical connection between the English Garden and the University district. The shutters make up a mosaic of color, patterns, and filler between the windows. This building is just off the corner of Professor Huber Platz, an area named after Kurt Huber – a professor at Ludwing University. Huber became well known as a central member of the White Rose group, which carried out resistance of the Nazis. Huber was arrested, stripped of his tenure and standing at the university, and then assassinated. The University in later years dedicated the Platz in his memory.

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Inkster1 said...

I love traveling to Munich via your photos!
...Best wishes from Katonah.