Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Munich Heats Up

Most of Munich head for the water and for cooler environments as temperatures took everyone off guard and went into the 80s and 90s farenheit for two days. It was quite uncharacteristic for this time of year. The image shows one of the bends in the Isar river, the Marianen Bridge, and the Maximilianeum, which houses the Bayerischer Landtag or Bavarian State Parliament. The park that lines the Isar through most of downtown Munich, is really quite amazing. In addition to the beaches along the Isar, the maximilliansanlagen has hundreds of acres of trails, which sit on several levels of the hill that lines East side of the Isar. One thing that is very unique to Munich thanks to these intricate bike lanes, is you can start in the heart of downtown and ride your bike out to the surrounding forests or to farmland – without ever crossing lines of traffic.

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jane said...

my dog henry and i spent an inordinate amount of time down there. great memories.