Sunday, May 25, 2008


Munich is cracking down on speeders. I know…it seems counter-intuitive in such a rich car culture, in the land of the no-speed limit autobahn, and in the home of BMW – but it’s true. As the article reads, Bavaria is significantly increasing the fines if you are caught speeding. This is a big departure to the "fair warning" signs on the highway which usually appear within a KM or two of statonary cameras to catch speeders. It’s really quite civilized, and I’m sure it has to do with citizen rights or something like that. But perhaps this is all coming to an end in such an abrupt change that it made the cover of the local news papers. All I can say is whatever you are driving – a Porsche (as pictured), BMW, Mercedes, or Audi (which make up the majority of cars in Munich) – your free wheelin days may be coming to an end. Be careful out there!

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