Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Market

We’re back in the Viktualienmarket or victuals market in central Munich. No where else in the city will you find such a variety of foods, flowers, decorations and ingredients – all spread across 140 stalls on 22,000 square meters. In this particular booth, you find a wide variety of wines, olives, oils and peppers (Thank You Guest Photographer). The square was originally formed in 1807, when the market outgrew Marienplatz. King Maximilian I issued a decree to move the market a few meters to the south-east. Since WWII, the city added all the wells you see today. They once fed into seven brooks which connected to the Isar River. At the center of the market is the May Pole ( the focus of the May Day celebration earlier this week), which was erected at the time of general literacy to tell travelling sales/craftsmen the major industries of the town.

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Chuck Pefley said...

Lovely image and good history information today -:)