Monday, May 26, 2008

Golden Starches

They don’t mess around when it comes to the brand and logo, and why should they? The golden arches are ranked in the top-10 recognizable brands in the world – right behind CocaCola, Microsoft, IBM, GE, Nokia, Toyota, and Intel. Disney and Mercedes make up the last two according to Business Week. I have read that McDonalds’ first European branch was opened in Munich in 1971 (just before the Olympics). The restaurant is still there in Obergeising at Martin-Luther-Str. 26, and it has a plaque on the wall telling the world. I read a related story that says McDonalds has a thing called Hamburger University that 275,000 have graduated from. Crazy! As an American, of course, I just think it’s too bad that many of the things that get exported are some of the worst. The US has so many amazing things…it’s too bad that we’re often known for things like fast food.

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