Saturday, May 10, 2008

Waking Up Leopoldstrasse

As the main artery through northern Munich, Leopoldstrasse (and Ludwigstrasse which covers the section through the University district) is the heart of Schwabing and the capital of Munich’s café lifestyle. The neighborhood was once known as the bohemian center of Munich, and attracted artists, students, and many creative types. That history is now long gone in Schwabing, with the endless cafes along Leopoldstrasse, the highest rent prices in town, and a slew of trendy restaurants. Regardless, Schwabing still remains one of the most desirable parts of Munich to live in. Despite a mobile community, Schwabing still has the top restaurants, the broadest shopping choices, and continues to be the lifeblood of Munich. From my standpoint, I was just amazed by the energy at 10:30. The line up of cars, the people going places, and the people getting their day started. It’s Munich on steroids. Enjoy.

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Sakiwi said...

Excellent photograph! Movement from left and right with the stationary books in the middle!