Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I thought this photo perfectly catches the spirit of Mother’s Day. It’s taken from a store window visible from Marienplatz. Despite the fact that I show you a store on Mother’s Day, note that you can’t spend Mother’s Day shopping in Munich, as it falls on a Sunday when all shops are all closed. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates around the world. The German date is consistent with that in the US, but it is celebrated in Feb in Norway, March in most of Eastern Europe, and most of the rest of the world celebrates at some point in the month of May. The good news of celebrating today, is it’s part of a three day weekend in Germany as whit Monday is celebrated the following day. (Thank you guest photographer)

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Chuck Pefley said...

Love the whimsical nature of this image. Very appropriate for Mother's Day, too.