Sunday, February 17, 2008

Schloss Nymphenburg

One of the Munich’s gems is its Bavarian Castle & grounds, Schloss Nymphenburg. Built in 1664 as a summer residence west of Munich, the palace was built in a rococo style. And for those of you who weren’t quite sure (like myself), the term rococo describes a style of French interior design characterized by elegant and ornate furniture, ornamental mirrors, and detailed tapestries. The 200 acre grounds, one of the largest green spaces in Munich, began as an Italian garden, but since has been rearranged in styles from France and England. One piece of advice, don’t ride your bikes through the grounds. It’s forbidden, and we speak from experience by saying you will be yelled at.


Rambling Round said...

I always wondered what "rococo" meant. I have some dishes with the word "rococo" on the back.

g_mirage said...

I often see these kind of street signs. The colors give it an old it has been there many years and hasn't been replaced.

Jackie said...

I loved Schloss Nymphenburg when I visited. Must try to get back there again sometime.

Glasgow DP