Friday, February 8, 2008

Munich Movie Madness

Munich loves its movies, and with no strong language preference, Munich really prefers movies in VO – or version original. That means you can see English language movies in at least three different theaters in Munich – Cinema Muenchen (where this photo was taken), Mathäser Cinema, and the Museum Lichtspiele. The latter labels itself as a “Kult Kino” or a cult cinema, focusing on non-blockbuster films, with four different theatres each seating about 30 viewers. It also supposedly holds the record for the longest running showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show – 27 years. For those who like to stay home and watch, the Amerikahaus houses a collection of more than 10,000 titles. That’s one way out of the 30-minutes of ads shown before most movies in Europe.


g_mirage said...

We also prefer the VO...its sometimes funny with dubbed german version =) Great perspective on this photo! Guten Tag!

Kim said...

How fun to see another city daily photo blog today with a picture of a poster on a column! Yours are for a film, mine of a US presidential campaign hopeful.
Seattle Daily Photo