Monday, February 18, 2008

A City Oasis

Located only 100 meters from the Central Train Station is Munich’s old Botanical Gardens. Just north of the old law courts, the park has a broad range of trees, some of which are quite exotic, reminding of its former glories. But way back in 1914, the city suffered from such air pollution that it could not support some of the more rare breeds of plants, so the botanical gardens moved out next to Nymphenburg palace. The space has been used as a park ever since. This photo was taken of the Neptune Fountain, which was constructed in 1935 as a centerpiece for the gardens. At the edge of the park is the popular Park Café – a popular haunt of the Nazi party in its day, but now is used as a nightclub and a beer garden.

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Jilly said...

Thisis beautiful - unusual stone too. Loved yesterday's photo too - wonderful light.