Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lowenbrau Keller

The Lowenbrau Keller is a bit of history for Munich, as one of its premier beer halls. Making beers since 1861, and opening the Keller in 1883, this Munich landmark still delights the visitors and locals alike. Despite being destroyed in WWII, the building was reconstructed in its original form at the intersections of Nymphenburg and Dachau Strasse. Filled with individual halls which can be rented out, the Keller now serves a broad selection of beers those from Franziskaner, Spaten, Stiegel (from Salzburg), Paulaner, Hofbrau house and of course the Lowenbrau original. The Lowenbrau brewery ties little resemblance - beyond name and logo - to the Lowenbrau beer distributed in the US.

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Rambling Round said...

Nice colors and a beautiful tower