Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Car Cathedral

I’m not sure what people in Munich are more passionate about, their beer or their cars. Based upon the $250 million showroom BMW recently opened just North of the city center, cars may have the edge. This image shows the architectural wonder of the building, “Its undulating steel forms, suggesting the magical qualities of liquid mercury.” The new showroom will see 800,000 visitors this year with more than 45,000 picking up their new cars, finding them bathed in a spotlight and rotating on a turntable – 80% of those will be purchased by Germans. The building is quite a site, sitting next to the four-cylinder headquarters, the BMW Museum which looks like a giant soup bowl, and across from the 1972 Olympic Park.


Pat said...

That's some building. I'm away to look again at your image! Lovely capture. I think it would be the cars for sure. Just finished attending the Washington, DC Auto Show and there were so very many there!


Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

Jackie said...

That's such an unusual picture - I still can't quite figure out what angle you took it from!

Glasgow Daily Photo

Lew said...

The BMW may have the future, but the beer halls certainly have the longevity. I spent a few weeks in the little town of Raisting 30 some years ago and got to some a little of Munich and Bavaria. It was impressive seeing business that had been around over 1000 years. You have some great shots of Munich.