Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hidden Bavaria

Bavariaring Strasse lines the expansive grounds of Theresienweise, where the Octoberfest takes place every year in the Southwest side of Munich. During the month long celebration in September, skies are often grey and streets are filled with people from around the world. Most of the rest of the year though, the 19th century mansions that line the street are drenched with sun and stand in near solitude – looking over towards the 20m bronze Bavaria Statue. Sculptor Ludwig Schwanthaler envisioned a large Athena statue, but of course localized it to look more German – without a helmet, an Oak wreath, and sword instead of spear.

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Anonymous said...

I am somewhat surprised that the lettering on the number and sign is not in black letter style. It is more readable to us the way it is but I wonder why this letter style of selected?