Saturday, March 1, 2008

Daddy and Me

Munich seems to be one of the greenest cities on the planet. I don’t know if this is true, but the amazing variety of parkland goes on and on. The English Garden (where this photo was taken, is one of the world's largest urban parks), Luitpold park, Nymphenburg Palace, West Park, the green area lining the Isar River, and the Olympic park make Munich a great place for walking or bike riding through town. In every park, you will find clearly organized paths, a mix between common areas and hidden hideouts, and of course beer gardens. This is Munich after all. Honestly, what attracted me most to this photo was the tight bond between father and son as they walked through the gardens together.


tl said...

very beautiful blog. I enjoy your photos very much! I also lived in Munich some time ago..(now back to my hometown, Taipei) your images remind me some of my great time over there. Looking forward to seeing Munich from your lens!

Jackie said...

another lovely picture! I love the English Gardens. My sister used to live round the corner from Westpark, so I know that too, and we visited the Olympic Park a while back. I think you're right, it's a very very green city!

Jackie (Glasgow DP)