Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hangin in Haidhausen

A couple and baby enjoy the sun in Haidhausen’s Wiener Platz. Ironically though, the area is known as the “French Quarter” as many of its twisting streets are named after French cities. The neighborhood changes dramatically from block to block, between Rosenheimer and Einsteinstrasse - lined with ethnic restaurants - and all the streets in between lined with upscale apartments and posh new shops. The neighborhood was severely damaged in World War II, but was Munich’s second largest redevelopment area in the 1970s, leading to an upgrade from its blue collar image – and ranking it up with popular Lehel and Schwabing neighborhoods. Today, because of that mix, it houses the East train stration, the Paulaner Brewery and the Kultfabrik, one of the largest night club areas in Europe. It also houses some of the cities most beautiful 19th century mansions, top galleries like the Villa Stuck, and the Prinzregententheater, one of the most striking art nouveau buildings in Germany.

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