Friday, March 28, 2008

Couples Only

I’ve already talked about what a great city Munich is for bike riding. In fact, It’s one of the best in the world. Other cities around Europe, have created innovative bike riding programs, like the “Velib” in Paris where you can rent bikes inexpensively all over the city and then drop them off near your destination. The difference is that Paris created the program to ease congestion. Munich locals bike simply because they’ll do anything to get outdoors. Not only are there bike lanes everywhere, but bikers actually have the right away. And by the way, it’s completely flat. And as you can see by this image, it is safe to leave your bike out on the streets with a simple lock on the wheel. Even cute blue and pink bikes are safe.

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Chuck Pefley said...

Lovely image and terrific information! I'll file that one away for future travel reference.