Sunday, March 2, 2008

German Politics

Munich citizens went to the election polls today, and although there was no surprise in electing Social Democrat Christian Ude as Mayor - he surprisingly received a 2/3 majority over CSU challenger Josef Schmid. At the same time, as I understand it, voters narrowly elected a neo-nazi as town councilor. Honestly, It is difficult to get a perspective on this, as there is very few news sources for Munich in English, and like most things Munich stays under the radar of the German country press of Deutsche Welle and Spiegel. So if you have insight on the election, please share it with us. The thing that struck me about this image is how much of a drawback it is to the propoganda posters of the past century, making good use of Bavaria's symbol - the Bayern Lion. The Bayern party is generally very conservative, and known for as little change as possible. This year, their big cause was to overturn the anti-smoking law. Thanks to Munich resident expert, Andreas, for his insight.

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