Saturday, March 22, 2008

Goin Places

I suppose I could have shown a nice photo of Easter Eggs or chocolate, as there’s no shortage of either in Munich a day before Easter. However, I thought I would show what’s really going on – and that’s the mass exodus of Munich as the schools are out for another week. This is also a good photo for daydreaming. Care for an Easter week in Milan, Berlin, or Salzburg? You can get to all three locations, and many more from the Hauptbahnhof, Munich’s Central Train Station. And based upon one of the comments - yes I'm sorry but no more flip boards. The trains and the stations are now state of the art. On a normal day it sees more than 350,000 travellers a day. Travel Safe and Sound!

1 comment:

LynzM said...

Awww, no more flippy-boards? Is it weird that I kind of enjoyed that clacking noise? Ah well, times change! :)