Thursday, March 6, 2008

Color Explosion

Not the first but maybe close to the last of colorful scenes from the Olympiadorf or Olympic Village. The student bungalows built for the 1972 Olympics, all individually decorated in everything from beer slogans to pop culture to Bahama blue colors, are unfortunately being demolished. In 2007, the local government decided that they would be too expensive to refurbish, so row by row, bungalow by bungalow, they are disappearing. At the time of the announcement, more than 2000 peaceful demonstrators showed up, but a small group of drunken “gate crashers” began tearing doors off deserted bungalows and starting a riot (burning down two of the bungalows in the process). It took 150 officers to disperse the crowd. Today, all was peaceful with the exception of the bull dozers close by. Thanks to resident Munich expert, Michael, and artist Petra Voegtle for helping me discover this place.


Petra Voegtle said...

Hi Troy,
thanks for the plug.
I have to correct the media news about the "riot" in the Olympic village. There were indeed some drunken people - as it usually happens during these parties but the media were totally over-exaggerating and to call it a "riot" was simply ridiculous. As a resident of the upper village we were kept awake by the whole police action which was way over-exaggerated as well as usual - not the drunkards, who lay indeed 2 fires in the demolished bungalows. The fireworkes put these fires out in very short time and at no time there was any danger of a so-called nearly catastrophy.
It is incredible how these things are totally made up by the media and the overkill of the police action with several helicopters circling for hours! around the village only costed the taxpayers unnecessary money again.

Btw - the whole photo documentation about the Olympic Student Village is on my website now under the photography section - not only the few photos on my blog.
I also started a painting series about the student village, called "Reminiscences" - which I am still working at and probably will be for some time.

Wish you much fun with your furher discoveries...

Kim said...

It certainly is a color explosion! Beautiful shot, and love the shadows. Thanks for all the info on the village. Really interesting!
Happy Friday,
Seattle Daily Photo

Chuck Pefley said...

Lovely photo but two sad stories. I just shake my head when I see some building or home that is or could be quite serviceable demolished to make way for new. So often is seems like such an utter waste.