Monday, January 4, 2010

A Little Retreat House

South of Munich is the old Schloss Fürstenried, which although was built in the 1700s, is used on a daily basis today. The beautiful symetric castle is used as a retreat house for the Archdiocese of the city of Munich and Freising. We tried to get a closer look, but unlike many other castles around Munich - this was as close as you could get. When it was originally constructed by Elector Max Emanuel, it was desgned as a hunting lodge, as the Fürstenried forrest surrounded on all sides. At various times, the facility has been used as Kloister, a hospital, and a school - in one case where Pope Benedict studied. Today, you may speed past the Schloss on your way to Garmish, if it wasn't for the stunning roofs stretching over the fences to garther the attention of those cars going by. But unless you are part of the archdiocese, it may be one Schloss that's left unexplored around Munich.

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